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Gosline Retirement Planning is a comprehensive financial services firm that helps Maine’s soon-to-be-retired and retired residents effectively plan for and prepare for life’s greatest journey.

We understand that retirees face many important decisions that can affect their long-term financial success. Some of these decisions revolve around making investments that will help create a hedge against outliving their income, the impact of inflation, taxation, and rising healthcare costs. As the majority of our clients are retirees with similar concerns, we’ve had the opportunity to gain the skills and experience necessary to provide the help and insight you need when planning for your future.

Gosline Retirement Planning

We Help Clients Retire Confidently

Five Checkpoints of Retirement

Checkpoint 1: Income Planning

  • We’ll plan and help create strong and predictable income that is the foundation of a comfortable lifestyle.


Checkpoint 2: Wealth Management

  • Our investment planning is based on a philosophy of controlling for volatility and eliminating unnecessary fees.


Checkpoint 3: Understanding Taxation

  • We’ll walk you through the numerous tax planning strategies that can minimize your taxes in a legal and ethical manner.


Checkpoint 4: Medicare & Long-Term Care

  • The costs of healthcare are rising and will be part of your life both pre-retirement and post-retirement. We’ll plan for and address these costs.


Checkpoint 5: Legacy & Estate Planning

  • Since we all will eventually pass, it is critical to have a plan to make sure that your hard-earned assets go to your loved ones and charities in the most efficient manner.


Your Guide to Medicare & Filling the Gaps

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Your Guide to Medicare & Filling the Gaps

One of your largest retirement expenses could be your healthcare costs: An average 65-year-old couple retiring today will need an estimated $363,946 to cover their healthcare costs, according to one study.1 Unfortunately, the Medicare system can be quite complex, leading too many retirees to miss out on an accurate and comprehensive assessment of their options on an annual basis. Don’t be one of them – read this guide to learn more.