5 Checkpoints of Retirement


April 13th at 11am

April 14th at 6pm

April 15th at 6pm

What will be covered:

If you’re wondering what to do – you are not alone. Trying to make sense of everything can be daunting and when it comes to your financial future, knowing the right moves can be tricky. Join Nate Nichols, President of Gosline Retirement Planning his new complimentary educational webinar that covers the 5 key areas of retirement planning success:

  1. Income Planning – Learn how to create a sustainable income stream for life that includes Social Security maximization and planning for inflation.
  2. Wealth Management – How to help preserve capital, diversify your portfolio, and reallocate your assets according to your family’s unique needs.
  3. Understanding Taxation – How to help you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.
  4. Medicare & Long-Term Care – How you can help protect your family from unexpected medical issues that may arise as you age.
  5. Legacy & Estate Planning – How you can maximize the amount your loved ones inherit and ensure your legacy lives on.