At Gosline Retirement Planning, we offer a wide range of financial planning and wealth management services focused on individuals who are in or nearing retirement age. We pride ourselves on developing thorough, written retirement plans and thoroughly managing every aspect of retirement so that you can rest easy, knowing that your assets are well-positioned to match your personal goals and to help provide reliable income in retirement.

All of the financial services we offer fall under The 5 Checkpoints of Retirement. Once we develop your plan, we will not stop there. Now begins the journey. We will be there to help you analyze, implement, and monitor your plan every step of the way for the rest of your life.



Through our retirement planning process, we will review your current income situation and show you your potential income in retirement. We’ll work with you to create a sustainable income that will last for your life. We’ll help you understand your social security options and maximize the benefits for your situation. If you have a pension, we will guide you through the options available and help you make the right choice. We’ll help prepare you for other considerations, such as the premature death of a spouse, inflation, and taxation.



We will work with you to understand your risk tolerance while listening to you and understanding what your financial goals are. By being an Investment Advisor Representative that works through an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are not tied in with a large “wirehouse” institution. This means we can offer a universe of funds and equities to create cost-efficient and high-quality portfolios. At Gosline Retirement Planning, we invest your funds in an institutional-style investment strategy.



We will help you understand how much of your portfolio you can actually take home. We have learned that helping clients understand taxation is a game changer. Our President Nate Nichols is a proud member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group; this allows him to give the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise to our clients from one of America’s best IRA Experts. Gosline Retirement Planning will also work with clients so they understand how to pass wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner.


Medicare & Long-Term Care

Choosing the best Medicare Plan that fits your needs can be a challenging task. Long-term care planning can help financially protect you and your family from unexpected medical issues that may arise as you age. You have many options to choose from and our senior health insurance specialists are available to help you make a confident decision about the plan options that may be best for you.



We believe the fastest way to erode your life’s work is to not have an estate plan in place. An estate plan shelters your assets and provides for your family in the event you are no longer around to provide for them yourself. By working collaboratively with estate planning attorneys, we can help maximize the amount that your loved ones will inherit, help control how the money is to be given, and minimize the taxes that are paid.


Get started on The 5 Checkpoints of Retirement and work toward having the retirement you’ve always dreamed of!